La Regina Properties is an association of three like-minded property professionals, Cassandra Campbell-Kemp, a freelance property finder, Gianpaolo (Paolo) Bonini and Italian Geometra (Chartered Surveyor) from Carpineti in the Province of Reggio Emilia and Mark Jones of Fielder & Jones from Malmesbury in the UK. 

We have formed this initiative to promote and sell properties in, primarily, the Emilian Appenines of the Province of Reggio Emilia in north Italy. To visitors, this is a relatively unknown and undiscovered part of Italy, yet the western part is one of the more beautiful regions in the country and a UNESCO biosphere, while the historical cities of Parma, ReggionEmilia and Modena are all within an hour's drive.


Easily reached by plane from Bologna (90 minutes' drive), Florence and Verona ( 2 hours), Pisa (two and a half hours) and Bergamo airports all less than 3 hours away, and lying directly to the west of the main A1 Milan-Rome motorway, the area has long been famed for its world-famous food. Prosciutto from Parma, Parmesan cheese from Reggio nel Emilia, Balsamic vinegar from Modena and not forgetting Ferraris, Maseratis and De Tommaso cars - all of which come from this area.

Yet there is so much more! Just over 900 years ago, this was the heart of Italy, the fiefdom of an extraordinary woman, Matilde of Canossa, who fought the Holy Roman Empire (based in Germany) to bring the seat of the Pope back to Saint Peter’s in Rome as a religious and not political appointment. She also had to fight for her inheritance as the only surviving member of a great family that ruled great swathes of Italy which today include the regions of Tuscany, Emilia and parts of Lombardia and the Veneto. She was known as The Gran Contessa of Tuscany, La Regina. It is from her that we take our name!

We are offering properties for sale mainly in Matilde’s heartland, the area around Carpineti a county town some 30 kilometres from Reggio Emilia and the A1 motorway, and only 90 minutes from Bologna airport.

It is an area rich in tradition, history, gastronomy and culture. The regional food and wines all come from a long tradition of excellent with high-quality, locally sourced ingredients with zero food miles, contributing to a cuisine which is famous throughout Italy. There is a speciality food theme park (Fico) in Bologna and many notable restaurants including a 3 star Michelin restaurant in Modena.


Being a mountainous region it has some of the best cycling and hiking trails in the country. It offers rock climbing and canyoning in the summer and skiing in winter. It is part of a UNESCO biosphere, it has some of the darkest skies in Europe. (In fact a recently discovered star has been named Tincana in honour of the tiny village from which it was spotted). The views are breathtaking, the weather glorious, the food and wines excellent and the people welcoming. 

Paolo and Cassandra have viewed and carefully selected a wide range of freehold properties, from stone village houses, to more modern ready-to-walk into properties and restoration “projects”.  All have stunning views and offer something special. In most cases there is room to put in a swimming pool if required. Prices start at €95,000.

Please have a look through our selection and if you see something you like, why not come and visit us? If you still don’t find what you’re looking for, using Paolo’s wide range of contacts we’re sure we can find you something!

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Cassandra is a freelance property consultant who has worked in international real estate for over 30 years. A UK resident in her 60’s, she has lived in the Emilian Appenines in Italy and The Cotswolds in the UK. She acts as liaison with both her Italian and UK associates, finding and selling properties.

She can be contacted on her UK mobile (+44) (0)7763649028


In Italy her mobile is (+39) 3899 166464 but in case of difficulty she recommends being

contacted on both numbers via WhatsApp as the WiFi is sometimes better than the phone signal!

Malmesbury, UK



Fielder & Jones  Malmesbury, UK




Mark is the owner of  Fielder & Jones., a highly  respected firm of  Chartered Surveyors based in the Cotswolds town of  Malmesbury. He has many years experience in the sale and purchase of  residential real estate. He has visited the area and seen all the properties on offer.


He can be contacted on (+44) (0)1666 822601.


Fielder & Jones is a long established independent firm of Valuers, Auctioneers Chartered Surveyors, and Estate Agents. We provide a comprehensive sales, management and lettings service in the residential, commercial, rural and agricultural property sectors.



Carpineti (RE) - Italy



Paolo has worked as a Geometra, an Italian Chartered Surveyor, all his working life. He is highly respected and well-versed in all of the aspects of buying, renovating and building properties. He has an excellent network of contacts and is able to find a wide selection of properties suitable for sale. Where required, he will deal with all necessary changes of use, planning permissions, etc., and we will oversee the technical aspects of the sale and any subsequent redevelopment or refurbishment works.

Paolo can be contacted on (+39) 348 409 2061. He speaks Italian